Vincent van Gogh | Vase with Gladioli and Chinese Asters, 1886

This is one of more than 35 flower still lifes that Van Gogh painted in Paris in the summer of 1886. He hoped that paintings of flowers would sell well. These were also exercises in the use of colour and a loose style of painting.


Edouard Manet | Laundry (Le Linge), 1875

Title: The Laundry
Author: Édouard Manet (French painter, 1832-1883)
Date: 1875; Paris, France
Style: Impressionism
Genre: Genre painting
Media: oil, canvas
Dimensions: 115 x 145 cm
Location: Barnes Foundation, Lower Merion, PA, US


George Augustus Holmes | Playmates, 1875

George Augustus Holmes (British, 1822-1911) was a painter of genre scenes who exhibited at the Royal Academy between 1852-1909. He also exhibited at the British Institution, Grosvenor Gallery and the Paris Salon between 1906-1911; but most of his works were exhibited at Suffolk Street where he exhibited no less than 110 pieces.

Gustave Courbet | La trombe, 1867

Like the waves he so perfectly captured, Courbet's love affair with the sea ebbed and flowed throughout his career. Born a child of the rugged mountainous terrain around Ornans in the Franche-Comté, Courbet's first glimpse of the sea only came in 1841 during a visit to Normandy with his childhood friend, Urbain Cuenot. Courbet's future interest in the sea as subject derived from visits to different coastal towns and can be divided into five distinct phases: 1854 and the views of the Mediterranean he made from Palavas-les-Flots, while visiting Alfred Bruyas in Montpelier, 1865 during a sojourn on the Normandy coast and a period when the sea provided the backdrop for some of his greatest portraits, such as the Countess Karoly (RF 439), 1866-67 in Trouville and Saint-Aubin-sur-Mer, where the sea water is predominantly calm, almost in anticipation of the great series of crashing waves that occurred in 1869-70 and finally at Lac Leman, the lake and its shore that represented the final years of Courbet's life, while exiled in Switzerland.

Edgar Degas | Dancer Making Points, 1879-1880

Title: "Dancer Making Points"
Author: Edgar Degas
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Date: 1879-1880
Location: Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, Kansas City, USA


Van Gogh | Red Vineyards at Arles, 1888

Author: Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)
Title: The Red Vineyard
Description: The only painting Vincent van Gogh is certainly known to have sold during his lifetime.
Date: Arles, 4 November 1888
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 75 × 93 cm (29.5 × 36.6 in)
Current location: Pushkin Museum

In October, 1888 Gauguin arrived in Aries and moved in with Van Gogh, who was beside himself with excitement and dream of starting if not an artists' colony, at the very least a shared studio. Van Gogh had met Gauguin two gears previously and was in awe of the slightly older artist, whose own opinion of himself was greatly inflated. The stay ended in disaster culminating in Van Gogh's self-mutilation, but prior to this the two artists had worked on similar projects, and Gauguin's influence can be seen on Van Gogh's paintings of this time.



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