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Dmitry Brodetsky (Moldovan, 1976)

"Painting and art in general have captivated me since I was a child. It all started as a mere game, but it later became a means of communication. Painting is actually the only communicative channel still available to me today.
That's because I am not a social being, in the sense of taking reality as it is and simply complying with the prevailing, mainstream rules.
I am in constant denial of everything that's ugly and evil in the world, and my protest gains substance in the paintings I create".

"In them, I strive to reveal myself to the world, to bring to light my deepest hidden feelings and states of mind. In fact, I see painting as a form of self-discovery, but also as play, for my spirit is a playful one.
Being inclined on introspection, I can say that whoever looks at my paintings can get to know a part of me, they can discover my inner world and the journeys I take to explore it.
Many of my works contain fantastic elements, partly because, as a big child that I am, I am keen on fantasy, but also because the craving need for mystery and fantasy is rooted in the deepest layers of my being. Now I am captivated and I am trying to introduce myself like a surrealist artist".