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Anthony Falbo | Flint Michigan

Anthony Falbo was born and raised in Flint Michigan. His fascination with color and paint began at a very young age when he painted his first oil painting. Studying some of the great masters work, Anthony was amazed with Rembrandt style. Learning about light and shadows in Rembrandts work gave Anthony a foundation to stride for. Working 20 years now as a full time artist, Anthony feels he is still at the beginning of creating his finest works.
Working in many different styles gives Anthony more opportunities to express himself. Anthony states that he works this way to keep himself fresh, and that he enjoys reaching out to people who love different forms of art. He is best known for his Light And Dark series, Cubestraction Series, Genesis and Impressionist series. Anthony’s mission is to create art while living life to the fullest, being happy and using his art to express emotions of love, peace, goodness, faith, hope and the love of Jesus Christ. What better way to share your thoughts with others.
Anthony has been shown in many juried shows throughout the country. His work is in various private and corporate collections in the United States, and around the world. - Anthony Falbo