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Christian Della Giustina | France

Born in 1959 in Gonesse-France, Christian Della Giustina grew up in an artistic atmosphere. He makes masterpieces in bronze. His coloured patinas catch the light and touch the emotion.
To reinvent and model life, to transform it with his sensitivity and emotions: that is Christian Della Giustina's aspiration.
He uses small formats for his work, a human dimension. Here, faces and bodies are like carved and chiselled stones coming to life under the artist's fingers.
His sculptures are living and moving works which attain a plastic beauty that would be an end in itself. Christian Della Giustina was born in Gonesse, France, in 1959. He is a sculptor who recreates life, he models it and transforms it with great sensitivity. His works are alive and moving. The artist expresses himself in small sizes in fact, on a human scale: faces and bodies come to life in his hands.
Christian Della Giustina works on bronze. His talent and his imagination create a beautiful sheen which captures light and emotion.