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Volodia Popov-Massiaguine (Russian, 1961)

Volodia Popov-Massiaguine is the artist for whom does not exist any stylistic border. The horizons of his creativity are opened widely to meet the seven winds. At any time filled with salty energy sails can transfer the clipper of his inexhaustible imagination to unfamiliar mysterious coast of new terra incognita.
Volodia Popov-Massiaguine graduated in 1988 from the State Academy of Art and Design, Department of Monumental Art in St.Petersburg, Russia.
Now he lives and works in Paris, France. Popov-Massiaguine is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and House of Artists of France.
His paintings are executed in a stylistic manner that appeals to a spectator with the refined aesthetic taste and very personalized perception of life. It is quite natural that his artwork is successful in Paris where they love and appreciate Nouveau art, the art style of the beginning of the 20th century, which is known in Russia as a modernist style.