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Andre Kohn 1972 | Stalingrad

Andre Kohn was born in Stalingrad in 1972, but was raised in the southernmost region of the Former Soviet Union near the Caspian Sea. He spent the first 12 years of his life surrounded by nature before moving with his family to Moscow in 1984. As an adolescent, Andre enjoyed a very successful sports career, focusing on shooting, fencing and equestrian activities. However, these pursuits gave way at the age of 15 tor fine arts endeavors. During his studies with such artists as Natalya Govrishenko and sculptor Anatoly Vrubel, Andre fell completely and deeply in love with the world of art and decided to dedicate his life to making his very own contributions as a fine artist. His paintings are in private, corporate and museum collections throughout the world including Europe, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan and the United States.