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Nydia Lozano 1947 | Alginet, Spain

Nydia was born in Alginet, Spain. She grew up in an area in which life translates itself in a strong luminous atmosphere and she remembers the bright colors of the rice fields and of the orange and lemon trees. Everything she saw in her youth manifested itself in her affection for painting. Nydia’s first works were landscapes. She also painted portraits of family and friends. When her father noticed her intense affection for painting he approached a master painter in Alginet for his opinion of his daughter's talent. The painter was impressed with her drawings and invited Nydia to study with him. She later attended the San Carlos Fine Arts School in Valencia where she met her future husband, also an artist. Inspired by the work of the 19th century masters, Sargent, Sorolla and Zorn, and the continuing philosophy of the Valencia School, Nydia began portraying the female figure in her paintings. Her first exhibition was in 1969 in a group show with Vicente Silvestre. After finishing her studies, she left Valencia for Barcelona. She began her career by exhibiting in Spain with her husband. Her paintings are inspired by her travels in Spain, depicting the life and landscape. Her canvases reflect the strength of her talent and the sensitivity of her heart. Today, Nydia exhibits her work throughout Europe and the United States.