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Pascale Pratte 1974 | Canada

Pascale Pratte began her artistic career at a very young age, initially selling her handmade greeting cards in Old Montreal at age of 10. Four years later, her cards had grown so popular that they could be found throughout Quebec, in France, as well as in Belgium. At the age of 27, Pascale Pratte received her second wave of success, this time as a painter. She began exposing her work in the office window of optician Georges Laoun, located in Montreal, and one month later had sold the whole collection. This exhibit entitled "Les filles" exposed her style and love for beautiful women. Pascale Pratte is quoted as saying, " I have always been inspired by women, I find their shape, their roundness and their voluptuousness very intriguing." Pascale Pratte continues to paint her femmes fatales, which are influenced by her work in 3D animation.