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Ute Hadam 1959 | Stuttgart, Germany

My hometown is Stuttgart in the south of Germany where I grew up and had a happy childhood with parents who gave me all their attention and love even though they didn’t want me to became a professional artiste because “it wasn’t a real profession”. My first professional training was in a bank. But it made me so unhappy to live in this surrounding of money and business without any creative side. So I took the decision to switch into another direction. The world of art! In the age of 25 years I moved to Paris in order to integrate the famous fine art school. “ECOLE DES BEAUX ARTS” of Paris First I just wanted to stay on year and then I met my husband…and I stayed studying until getting my diploma. Today (49 years old) I am still living in the Paris area…And with the help of my family I can pursue my career. I have a boy of 19 years and a daughter of 15 years. My parents who are not anymore in this world has the chance see my first success as an artist and where finally proud of me. This makes me happy.
- Ute Hadam paints on canvas of different sizes. She mixes hetself pigments  with acrylic mediums of différetes consistency in order to enhance the structure. Colors and shades are melted with subtle silkpapercollages to obtain transparency and relief. The universe of the artist is the endless wealth of nature. The dynamic play of shapes and lights of plant, mineral or human world becomes a pretext for an original artistic interpretation. In her compositions, you find always a research of beauty of nature.