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Haixia Liu 1962 | China | Urban landscape

Haixia Liu was born to a family of artists in 1962 in Hubei Province, China. Encouraged and instructed by his father and grandfather, he began to draw at very early age.  He did decorative painting for local businesses at age 12. Between 1981 and 1983 Liu chose to learn graphic design at the Hubei Industry Institute. From 1983-1987, by dreaming to be an artist, he continued to seek his BFA at the Hubei Fine Art Academy, one of the best fine art schools in China. From 1987-1999, after obtaining his BFA, he worked as a graphic designer at the China Packaging Import Export Corporation. At the same time he had been doing his relaistic oil paintings. His art directly reflected the passion of natural beauty. Liu attended many group and solo shows, and sold his paintings from province-wide to nationwide. In the last five years while he was in China, he started experimenting with abstract art on large canvases. Liu moved to United States in 1999, where he concentrated on painting as an independent artist. He gradually developed his art style into contemporary impressionistic realism by using the palette knife on canvas while the theme was focused on landscape. The emotional impact of his canvases comes from his desire to share the joint beauty of nature and art, and from the magical use of texture, color and light, which leads viewers into an intimate but mysteriously-built surroundings that might only be seen in their dreams. His artwork was represented and sold through galleries and exhibitions and deatured in magazines in New York. He moved to reside in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2003 and continued to paint there. By being a member of the Federation of Canadian Artist and in winning of Excellence Award from FCA's juried show as his first presence, he began to introduce his art in Canada while more and more of his artworks are shown in USA.