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Jean-Paul Avisse 1948 | French surrealist painter

Avisse is a rare and unique artistic genius of unquestionable depth, scope and power. A self taught master of incredible details and universal concepts. Taking over eight weeks to complete each original intricate painting. First time viewers are further amazed to learn that Mr. Avisse creates each original painting by hand, using no computers, photographs or air-brushed techniques. Instead he relies on a much more time honored tradition, his hard learned skills and talents.
Mr. Avisse's images offer us a glimpse into a window of his mind, showing us worlds that we have each perhaps only imagined in fleeting dreams and realities. He vibrantly creates those images with added clarity and details that go far beyond most viewers imaginations and concepts. His art speaks to a specific moment captured in time, his images relating to many of humanities greater issues. His ability to place the viewer into our relationship with the universe, time, space and the environment are constant themes we see repeated in his art. Mr. Avisse adds, "I am very focused on including many important issues into my art. Humanities place in the universe and our struggle with our environment are issues that will be with us for generations. When you view my art and perhaps see a woman's eyes closed you are then witnessing her own dreams and hopes. I try to give you an insight into personal aspirations. We must respect the environment and better try to comprehend our place in the vast universe". He is often asked who his models are but Mr. Avisse creates the people in his art only from his own vivid imagination The amount of details in his paintings constantly amazes even the most knowledgeable and discerning viewers.