Daniel Myszkowski | Landscape photographer

Daniel Myszkowski is an Polish artist. Monuments and landscapes shrouded in a mysterious fog is an exceptional way to show the visage of Krakow. Exceptional and metaphysical - that's the art of Daniel Myszkowski. As a member of the Krakow Photographic Club Daniel continues working on his competencies and is becoming more and more mature artist. At the same time his photographs manifest childlike endless desire for magic.

Albert Rieger | Sailing Boats near Venice, 1869

Austrian landscape and marine painter Albert Rieger (Triest, 1834 - Vienna, 905) was the son and pupil of painter Giuseppe Rieger. He was also influenced by the works of the German artist Bernhard Fiedler (1816-1904). Rieger's preferred subjects were marines and landscapes.
In 1838 settled he with the family in Vienna. 
His works were exhibited in many exhibitions in Munich and Paris works are presented in important collections, for example at the Museum of Altenburg and in Wroclaw. 
Crown prince Rudolf bought his landscapes "Am Traunsee" and "Gosausee". 
Rieger was awarded with Gold Austrian Medal and Great Golden Swedish-Norwegian Medal.

John Singer Sargent - The Oyster Gatherers of Cancale, 1878

Hermann Krüger | Park near Rome

Claude Monet - Lilacs, grey weather, 1873

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