Auguste Rodin at work, 1915

Claude Monet | Promenade près d'Argenteuil, 1875

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Girls in Black, 1882

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | After the Luncheon, 1879

Camille Pissarro | The Avenue, Sydenham, 1871

Zinaida Serebriakova | Sleeping Katya, 1934

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Young Girls Looking at an Album, c.1892

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Woman in an Armchair, 1874

Claude Monet | The Avenue, 1878

Johan Christian Dahl | Eruption of the Volcano Vesuvius, 1821

Van Gogh | Red Vineyards at Arles, 1888

Author: Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890)
Title: The Red Vineyard
Description: The only painting Vincent van Gogh is certainly known to have sold during his lifetime.
Date: Arles, 4 November 1888
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 75 × 93 cm (29.5 × 36.6 in)
Current location: Pushkin Museum

In October, 1888 Gauguin arrived in Aries and moved in with Van Gogh, who was beside himself with excitement and dream of starting if not an artists' colony, at the very least a shared studio. Van Gogh had met Gauguin two gears previously and was in awe of the slightly older artist, whose own opinion of himself was greatly inflated. The stay ended in disaster culminating in Van Gogh's self-mutilation, but prior to this the two artists had worked on similar projects, and Gauguin's influence can be seen on Van Gogh's paintings of this time.


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