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Visualizzazione post con etichetta 19th Century Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Pierre-Auguste Renoir at the Clark Art Institute

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Bouquet of Roses, 1879

In the summer of 1879, the banker and diplomat Paul Berard invited Pierre-Auguste Renoir to his country house in Normandy.
During his visit, the artist painted portraits of Berard’s children and made several panel decorations, this one for a door in the library.
While the bouquet’s orderly arrangement is traditional, the thick brushstrokes and lively colors reflect Renoir’s Impressionist technique. | Source: © The Clark Art Institute

Pierre-Auguste Renoir | Bouquet of Roses, 1879 | The Clark Art Institute

Nell'estate del 1879, il banchiere e diplomatico Paul Berard invitò Renoir nella sua casa di campagna in Normandia.
Durante la sua visita, l'artista dipinse ritratti dei figli di Berard e realizzò diverse decorazioni su tavola, questa per una porta della biblioteca.
Mentre la disposizione ordinata del bouquet è tradizionale, le spesse pennellate ed i colori vivaci riflettono la tecnica impressionista di Renoir. | Fonte: © Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute

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Mario Sironi | Scritti e pensieri

"Ciò che diciamo attualità, modernità non è spesso che la sola realtà dell'esistenza - il resto è morte eco sotto volte lontane e paurose, o silenzio e buio impenetrabile".
"Gli uomini debbono essere governati. Lasciarli liberi di fare quello che vogliono significa incrementare la bestialità e il disordine".
"L'uomo disprezza, aggredisce, tortura gli animali - maledetto lui che fa il deserto intorno a sé sulla polvere".

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Anna Syberg | Watercolor painter

Anna Louise Birgitte Syberg (7 January 1870 - 4 July 1914) was a Danish painter.
Together with her husband Fritz Syberg, she was one of the Funen Painters (Fynboerne) who lived and worked on the island of Funen. She is remembered for her lively watercolours of flower arrangements.
Anna Syberg was born in Faaborg, Denmark. Her father was artist Peter Syrak Hansen (1833-1904).
She was the sister of artist Peter Hansen (1868-1928).

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Axel Jungstedt | Genre painter

Axel Adolf Harald Jungstedt (17 March 1859 - 14 March 1933) was a Swedish painter and professor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts.
He is represented with paintings at the Gothenburg Art Museum, the National Gallery of Denmark, and the National Gallery of Norway, and contributed with decorations of the Stockholm Opera House.

Axel Adolf Harald Jungstedt was born on 17 March 1859 in Norrköping in Östergötland, Sweden, the son of Johan Nils Jungstedt and Matilda Sundius.
He was the brother of opera singer Matilda Jungstedt.

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Gustave Van de Woestyne | Expressionist painter

From: Sotheby's
In 1900, after art studies in his native city of Ghent, Gustave Van de Woestyne (1881-1947) settled in Sint-Martens-Latem, on the banks of the Leie river, where an artistic colony of poets, painters and sculptors had formed in search of an innovative and meaningful artistic expression.
His admiration for the technique and spirituality of the Flemish old masters led him to develop an art of mystic-religious symbolism and allegory.
He also drew inspiration from the Italian Primitives, Maurice Denis and fresco painting and became one of the figures of the "First School of Larthem".

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Emily Dickinson | The Skies can't keep their secret! / I Cieli non sanno serbare il loro segreto!

The Skies cant keep their secret!
They tell it to the Hills -
The Hills just tell the Orchards -
And they - the Daffodils!

A Bird - by chance - that goes that way -
Soft overhears the whole -
If I should bribe the little Bird -
Who knows but she would tell?

René Magritte | Le Baiser, 1957

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Emily Dickinson | Vi dirò come sorse il sole / I’ll tell you how the sun rose

Vi dirò come sorse il sole -
un nastro dopo l’altro -
i campanili nuotavano nell’ametista -
la notizia, come scoiattoli, corse -
le colline di slegarono i cappucci -

Ben Winspear

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Elliott Seabrooke | Post Impressionist painter

Elliott Seabrooke (1886-1950) was a British landscape and still-life painter.
His work is in the permamnent collection of the Tate.

Seabrooke was born in Upton Park, Essex (now London).
Seabrooke studied at the Slade School of Fine Art from 1906-1911, painted mainly in the Epping Forest and the Lake District, later also repeatedly in Holland, France and Italy.