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Alda Merini | Inno alla donna

immacolata fortuna
per te tutte le creature
del regno
si sono aperte
e tu sei diventata la regina
delle nostre ombre

Giuliano Grittini, 1951 | Leonardo


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Trung Cao | Realist painter

- "I’m a realist artist residing in the Vallejo, California. While oil is my favorite medium, I also work in graphite, charcoal, acrylic and gouache. My artwork reflects on themes of values and exquisite beauty, real or imaginary.
Through the lens of classical art admiration, and behind the aesthetic surface, many of my work critique on how we derive values and meanings from myth, folklore, legend, and the generality of storytelling".


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Hafsa Idrees, 1992 | Finger painter

Hafsa Idrees is an Pakistani painter and writer born in Islamabad.
- "Art has always been close to my heart and even though I have not received a formal education in any particular genre, drawing/painting is an important part of my life. Since school, I have been experimenting with and enjoying different styles, media and techniques".
"I started with Arabic calligraphy at the age of 10 but I soon realized that I enjoyed painting and drawing too. My subjects then were things and people from my immediate surroundings but with time I started to explore different kinds of paints, pencils, materials and subjects".


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Billy Kidd, 1980 | Fine art Photographer

Billy Kidd is an American self-taught photographer born in Panama City, Florida.

- "When I was six years old we sold everything in a garage sale.
I made an impressive $20 selling my He-Man action figures, Castle of Grayskull, G.I. Joe's and every little thing I had.
I thought it would be fun to put my money in a small wooden box and bury it with a long white string tied to it coming out of the dirt, it would be my buried treasure. I never found the money".


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Daud Akhriev, 1959 | Symbolist painter

Daud Akhriev / Дауд Ахриев was born in the former Soviet Union.
He studied classical painting and drawing for 14 years, graduating with honors from the Repin Institute (Russian Academy of Fine Art) with a masters degree in fine art, under the tutelage of the late painter and Academic, Piotr Fomin.
In 1991 he emigrated to Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Akhriev, now a U.S. citizen, shares his time between Andalusia, Spain and Chattanooga, Tennessee with his artist wife.


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Morten Lasskogen, 1986 | Surrealist 3D painter

Morten Lasskogen is a Copenhagen-based visual artist.
- "After working as a photographer for nearly 10 years, in 2018 I started experimenting with 3d. I discovered that a lot of the things i knew about lighting and composition worked more or less the same way as with photography, but the big difference was: 3d didn't have the same limits - I could literally control the sun"!


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Bobbie Burgers, 1973 | Abstract floral painter

Vancouver artist Bobbie Burgers received a B.A. in Art History in 1996 from the University of Victoria in British Columbia.
Her work has been exhibited widely at home and abroad, notably including Art Market San Francisco and Equinox Gallery.
Today, her works are in the collections of the Berost Corporation in Toronto and the Royal Bank of Canada, among others.
Burgers lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.


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Jacob Dhein, 1978 | Ballet dancers

Jacob Dhein is a painter from San Francisco whose paintings capture the modern world with the nostalgic nature of the past.
He works across multiple disciplines including figurative, landscape, and plein air painting, and his talent is founded in his desire to teach others as he also continues to learn himself.


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Yuan Xing Liang, 1973 | Surrealist sculptor

Yuan Xing Liang is a Chinese artist who creates amazing surrealistic clay sculptures. A graduate of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, Liang’s recent work is derived from ancient narratives. The sculptures combine elements of nature, animals, and architecture to create stunning 360-degree works of art.
The artist’s statues are inspired by traditional Chinese folklore.


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Stuart Dunkel, 1952 | Surrealist painter

Born in New Jersey Stuart Dunkel began playing classical music and painting at the age of 5. He went on to study music music at Boston University, Mannes College of Music, the Juilliard School (Doctorate).
He also studied art at the Boston Museum School, Kent State, the Academy of Realist Art, the Seattle Academy of Art and privately with renowned artists.
After a career as a musician playing with top orchestras around the world, Stuart switched to fine art at the age of 42. Dunkel's primary influences come from the Netherlands artists between 1550-1720 for their clarity of image and beauty in painting. The surreal aspects of his work may stem from his early fascination with Salvador Dali.


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Alda Merini / Giuliano Grittini | Noi abbiamo delle piccole utilità..

Alda Merini da Giuliano Grittini (Fotografo ed artista italiano, 1951)

Noi abbiamo delle piccole utilità:
per esempio io amo te e vorrei che tu mi guardassi negli occhi,
e metto gli occhiali scuri affinché tu non possa vedere i miei occhi
perché entreresti con le tue mani nella mia anima
e sentiresti che il mio cuore pulsa in una sola direzione,
per questo faccio finta di non vedere niente.


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Olena Duchene / Елена Дюшан | Watercolor flowers painter

Artist Elena Duchamp was born and raised in the Ukrainian city of Dnepropetrovsk.
In 2012 she got married and moved to France.
Her beautiful floral paintings varies between watercolor and pastel paintings.
Her strokes are simple delightful and dreamy.


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Abdelhalim Kebieche | Expressionist / Genre painter

"Abdelhalim Kebieche: "I am a friend of the wretched, and so are my colors".".

Abdelhalim Kebieche is an visual artist who was honored with the gold medal at the international competition of Professional d'Art 2020 all categories, organized by the Mondial Art Academy (MAA) of Paris.
A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Algiers, Abdelhalim Kebieche has taken part in national and international exhibitions from 1994 until today.
Moreover, his last collective exhibition was last November where he represented Algeria for the 2nd edition of the Contemporary Art Days of Carthage (JACC), in Tunisia.
Kebieche received his first gold medal for his painting "The Absurd" exhibited at the competition of the Mondial Art Academy (MAA) in Paris.


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Mohamad Tammam | Abstract painter

Tammam Mohamad is an Syrian painter, born in Lattakia (Latakia) the principal port city of Syria.
Mohamad is a Member of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union and residing in Syria - in Lattakia (Latakia).


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Alda Merini / Marco Ortolan | Le maschere

Maschere che ho buttato in un canto
ora per ora
per salvare il mio cuore

maschere che hanno lacrime dipinte
e un fiore sempre verde nel labbro

maschere che hanno fumato i miei limiti
che hanno tenuto in bocca le mie sigarette


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Mona Edulesco | Modern impressionist painter

Mona Edulesco is an Romanian painter and architect based in Lyon, France.
She is specializing in textural impasto palette knife oil paintings, rendered in an abstract manner, in a modern impressionist style.

- "The palette knife oil painting technique that I developed over the years confers expressiveness to my paintings and an amazing three dimensional aspect".
"I am fascinated by the explosive textures and the intense chromatic that you can explore and reinvent by working the medium of oil painting".


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Max Cole | Tonalist painter

Max Cole was born sometime in the 70's. Max studied with some very well-known artists including four years of intensive study learning the techniques of the Old Masters.
Max now lives away from the heat in the cool Cascade Mountains of the Pacific Northwest. His real love is art where he can share the love and gratitude in his heart with others. He's also a rootin' tootin' flannel-shirt-wearing mountain man.


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Ng Woon Lam / 黄运南, 1971

Il pittore Ng Woon Lam è nato in Malesia e vive e lavora a Singapore dal 1992.
Partecipa attivamente a mostre internazionali con giuria e ha vinto più di 50 premi. Le mostre personali tenute a Singapore, Malesia, Tailandia e Hong Kong includono "Rhyme of Hue", "In Search of Harmony", "A Jazz of Colours and Shapes", "Perception and Delusion", "A Tale 3 Cities" e "Live and Alive".


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Christopher Zhang, 1954 | Ballet dancers

Christopher Zhang is an realist painter born in Shanghai but now living and teaching art in the US since 1990.
- "As a professional artist, I have received the most institutional education and substantial training of painting in both China and the US.
In the last four decades, I have successfully developed my career and markets nationally and internationally through numerous exhibits and awards at home and abroad".


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Claire Basler, 1960 | Abstract Flowers painter

French artist Claire Basler - born in Vincennes, France - studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts.
It was at the Louvre, though, where she found her inspiration, spending hours around the masterpieces of the museum’s collections, becoming especially enamoured with the work of 18th Century French artists such as Watteau, which remain a point of reference for her own work.