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Jean Gouweloos (1868-1943) | Genre painter

Jean Léon Henri Gouweloos was a Belgian genre and portrait painter as well as poster artist and lithographer.
Jean Gouweloos studied, like his brother Charles (1867-1946) from 1887-1890 and from 1893-1894 at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.
He was also a student of the painter and decorator Charle-Albert.
Before studying, he made a living in Paris by drawing posters, then he worked in the family's printing house, which specialized in artistic printing.

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Oscar Wilde / Rene Magritte | Quotes / Aforismi

Rene Magritte | A la rencontre du plaisir | Christies

Avere avuto una buona educazione è un grande svantaggio. Ti esclude da tante cose.
Nulla invecchia come la felicità...
'Esperienza' è il nome che tutti danno ai propri errori.
«Come definiresti l'uomo malvagio?»
    «Quel tipo d'uomo che ammira l'innocenza».
    «E una donna malvagia?»
    «Quel tipo di donna di cui un uomo non si stanca mai».
«Dicono che, quando muoiono, gli americani buoni vanno a Parigi.»
    «Veramente? E dove vanno gli americani cattivi, quando muoiono?»
    «Restano in America».
Qual è la differenza tra la letteratura e il giornalismo? Oh! Il giornalismo è illeggibile e la letteratura non viene letta.
A dire il vero, se le classi inferiori non ci danno il buon esempio, a che cosa servono? Esse tuttavia sembrano essere assolutamente prive del senso di responsabilità morale.
A durare son soltanto le qualità superficiali. La natura più profonda di un uomo si scopre molto presto.
A questo mondo vi sono solo due tragedie: una è non ottenere ciò che si vuole, l'altra è ottenerlo. Questa seconda è la peggiore, la vera tragedia.

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Alexandre Debrus (1843-1905) | Still lifes painter

Alexandre Debrus was an Belgian painter🎨 of still lifes, flowers and portraits; watercolourist.
Alexandre Debrus was born in Spa in 1818 as the son of Jean Nicolas Debrus. He also died there in 1905.
He worked in England for some time and participated at the International Exhibition in Philadelphia in 1876.
His work is well recorded although little is known about his life. He exhibited in France and died in 1905.

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Maya Angelou / René Magritte | I know why the caged bird sings

The free bird leaps
on the back of the wind
and floats downstream
till the current ends
and dips his wings
in the orange sun rays
and dares to claim the sky.

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19th century Inventions

Gaines Ruger Donoho (American painter, 1857-1916) | The Mount, 1880

The 19th century🎨 saw the birth of science as a profession; the term scientist was coined in 1833 by William Whewell, which soon replaced the older term of (natural) philosopher.

mong the most influential ideas of the 19th century were those of Charles Darwin (alongside the independent researches of Alfred Russel Wallace), who in 1859 published the book "The Origin of Species", which introduced the idea of evolution by natural selection.
Another important landmark in medicine and biology were the successful efforts to prove the germ theory of disease.

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Modest Huys (1874-1932) | Luminist painter

Modest Huys was a Flemish🎨 Impressionist and Luminist painter.
From a young age, he worked in his father's painting and decorating business and later studied at the "Gentse Nijverheidschool" (Ghent Industrial School).
In 1891 or 1892, he came into contact with Emile Claus🎨, who encouraged his artistic inclinations.

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Jenny Montigny (1875-1937) | Impressionist painter

Jeanne (Jenny) Montigny was a Belgian painter🎨.
Montigny's father was a lawyer and government official who oversaw several boards and commissions and was later Dean of the law faculty at the University of Ghent.
Her mother was of English origin.

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George Morren (1868-1941)

George Morren was a Belgian painter. It belonged to the impressionist luminist school🎨 of the Belgian🎨 "Art Nouveau".
George Morren, third child of Anna Henrica Van den Wouwer and Arthur Morren, a wealthy merchant of grain in Antwerp, was born in Ekeren, the northern district of Antwerp, during the reign of King Leopold II.
He grew up in a bourgeois and Francophile family. His upbringing included an artistic education.