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Claude Monet | Frost, 1875

Standing side by side, Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir painted the same view of this garden in winter.
Both used finely nuanced shades of brown and blue, although Monet added an element of warmth to his view by means of yellowish light and a touch of red.
He executed the branches with strong brushstrokes, while Renoir’s depiction of the bushes is more filigree (Musée de l’Orangerie, Paris).
More than any other Impressionist, Claude Monet was fascinated by colored reflections on surfaces covered in snow, frost, ice, or hoarfrost.


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Sergey Vinogradov | Impressionist painter

Sergei Arsenievich Vinogradov / Сергей Арсеньевич Виноградов (1869-1938) was a Russian-Soviet Impressionist painter, known for landscapes, genre scenes and interiors.
His father was a rural priest.
From 1880-1889, he studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture with Illarion Pryanishnikov, Vladimir Makovsky and Vasily Polenov, who had a major influence on his style.
In 1888, he was awarded the title of "Artist".


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Theodore Clement Steele (1847-1926)

Theodore Clement Steele is perhaps the most famous of the "Hoosier Group" of American impressionist painters.
Other painters in the group included William Forsyth, J. Ottis Adams, Richard B. Gruelle and Otto Stark. These five artists trained abroad but returned to Indiana and developed a distinctive style of landscape painting.

Born in Owen County, on Sept. 11, 1847, T.C. Steele moved to Waveland, southwest of Crawfordsville, when he was 5 years old. Steele attended a college prep school called the Waveland Collegiate Institute, where he was given a box of paints and began to develop his talent as an artist. By the age of 13, he was giving his fellow students lessons in drawing.


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Giuseppe De Nittis (1846-1884)

Il pittore, pastellista ed incisore Giuseppe De Nittis è stato uno dei più importanti artisti Italiani del XIX secolo.
Durante la sua carriera si è impegnato in un'estetica plein air ed era particolarmente interessato a rendere diversi effetti di luce, una preoccupazione che lo ha portato a contatto con gli impressionisti.
Conosceva anche i membri dei Macchiaioli, per i quali il suo lavoro era influente.
Oltre all'oli, ha sperimentato la stampa e ha fatto un uso innovativo dei pastelli.
Praticando una forma contenuta, e quindi "accettabile" dell'impressionismo, ha ottenuto un grande successo nella sua vita, sia a livello nazionale che internazionale.


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Charles Courtney Curran | Lady with a Bouquet (Snowballs) 1890

The genre painter Charles Courtney Curran is best known for his canvases depicting beautiful ladies in pleasant settings.
Here, a young woman–the artist’s wife Grace Wickham Curran - arranges a bouquet of snowballs, pausing to take in their sweet fragrance.
The small scale of the painting matches the intimacy of the moment.
Her delicate features, light green shawl and blossom-like hat equate her to a flower, suggesting that she is as lovely and dainty as the blooms she savors. Curran’s choice of flower is likely a deliberate one.
At the time this work was painted, bouquets were used to convey messages, with each flower having a specific symbolic meaning.
According to the Victorian "language of flowers", the snowball symbolized thoughts of heaven, adding an air of Christian piety to this work. | © Birmingham Museum of Art

Charles Courtney Curran | Lady with a Bouquet, 1890 | Birmingham Museum of Art


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Raymond Thibésart (1874-1968) | Impressionist painter

Raymond Thibésart was born into an affluent family in the town of Troyes (France), the historical capital of the Champagne region. Shortly afterwards, the family moved to Enghiens-les-Bains, an attractive spa town to the North of Paris.
It was here that they met the Boggios, a charismatic family who had just emigrated from Venezuala; Emilio Boggio, a talented Impressionist painter, became Thibésart's long-standing mentor and friend, encouraging his early promise and providing him with his first art lessons.


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Peter Brown (Pete the Street), 1967

Peter Edward Mackenzie Brown is a British Impressionist painter popularly known as "Pete the Street" from his practice of working on location in all weathers.
He is best known for his depictions of street scenes and landscapes. He loves working 'in the thick of it' painting the streets of Varanasi to Toronto and closer to home in Barcelona, Paris, London and his adopted home city of Bath.
He insists on working directly from the subject refusing to use photographic reference.


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Abbott Fuller Graves (1859-1936)

Nato a Weymouth, nel Massachusetts, Abbott Fuller Graves è stato un influente pittore di Boston noto per le sue scene di giardini floreali e nature morte.
Sebbene gran parte del suo lavoro, in linea con lo stile della Boston School, descriva gli argomenti in modo realistico, le sue pennellate spesse ed impastate i dipinti luminosi e colorati illuminati dal sole mostravano la sua accettazione dell'impressionismo.
Nel 1884 andò a Parigi e in Italia e si concentrò sulla pittura di nature morte, lavorando spesso con il suo buon amico Edmund Tarbell, anche lui artista di Boston. Graves e Tarbell abitarono insieme in Europa, dove entrambi studiarono pittura di nature morte.