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Visualizzazione post con etichetta South African Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Jacobus Hendrik Pierneef | Landscape painter

Jacobus Hendrik (Henk) Pierneef (usually referred to as Pierneef) (Pretoria, 1886–1957), was a South African landscape artist (from Dutch parents), generally considered to be one of the best of the old South African masters.
His distinctive style is widely recognised and his work was greatly influenced by the South African landscape.
Most of his landscapes were of the South African highveld, which provided a lifelong source of inspiration for him. Pierneef's style was to reduce and simplify the landscape to geometric structures, using flat planes, lines and colour to present the harmony and order in nature.

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Maria Oosthuizen, 1972 | Romantic painter

Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen was born in Paarl, raised mostly in Gauteng, currently residing in Mossel Bay.
"I believe my highest calling in life is my relationship with God, my husband, my children and with all people. My friends and family provide a balance in my life and keep me humble. They are all extraordinary people!
I am inspired by God for He is the creator of all beautiful things. He called me for His purpose and in obedience and love of art, I paint with all I am to worship Him" - Maria Oosthuizen.

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Maria Oosthuizen, 1972 | Embrace painting

Maria Magdalena Oosthuizen is a full-time artist exhibiting in various galleries.
Oosthuizen was born in Paarl (Western Cape) South Africa. She currently resides in Mossel Bay, a small coastal town in South Africa, with her husband, and three children.
Maria is a qualified hairdresser.

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Elise MacDonald | Magical Surrealist painter

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Graduated with a BA(Fine Art) from Wits University.
First exhibition at Crake Gallery, Jhb in 1982.
Thereafter exhibited in group show at the Everard Read Gallery, Jhb.
After relocating to Knysna in 1996 exhibited at Trent Read's Knysna Fine Art gallery.
After a serious illness in 2009, her passion for painting was re-ignited.

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Brian Rolfe 1972 | Johannesburg

I am a Johannesburg based artist. I create paintings that are unique to South Africa and Africa. My work focuses on the world around me. I do not always create a realistic representation of what I observe but often walk into a landscape and rather paint what I feel than what I see. “My work is a celebration of life and the power of the universe. We have such a strong connection with the universe but it is often masked by our strive for existence and survival”. ”I expect my audience, when they see my work, to be triggered by something they know so well but have neglected to acknowledge for some time. To awaken in them a feeling or memory, that will strengthen their connection with the earth and their reason for living”.