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Alexandre Dumas Père (1802-1870) | Quotes / Aforismi

Alexandre Dumas | Alì Pascià (novel), 1840 | Painting by Emil Jacobs (1802-1866) Ali Pasha and Kira Vassiliki, 1844

  • "There are two ways of seeing: with the body and with the soul. The body's sight can sometimes forget, but the soul remembers forever".
  • "Ci sono due modi di vedere: con il corpo e con l'anima. La vista del corpo a volte può dimenticare, ma l'anima ricorda per sempre".
  • "As a general rule…people ask for advice only in order not to follow it; or if they do follow it, in order to have someone to blame for giving it".
  • "In generale, si chiedono consigli solo per non seguirli o, se si seguono, è per avere qualcuno da rimproverare per averli dati".

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    Josef Loukota (1879-1967) | Portrait / Genre painter

    Josef Loukota, baptized Josef Jindřich, was a Czech painter🎨, graphic artist, illustrator and professor of the Prague Academy.
    He studied in 1896-1899 at the Prague School of Applied Arts under K.V. Mašek and E.K. Liška; then - at the Prague Academy under Václav Brožík and Hanuš Schwaiger.

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    William R. Leigh (1866-1955) | Western scenes painter

    William Robinson Leigh was an American🎨 artist and illustrator, who was known for his painted Western scenes. William Robinson Leigh was born at Maidstone Manor Farm, Berkeley County, West Virginia.
    He entered the Maryland Institute for the Promotion of the Mechanic Arts (now known as Maryland Institute College of Art) at age 14, then attended the Royal Academy in Munich.

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    Edward B. Gordon, 1966 | Figurative painter

    Edward B. Gordon is a German painter🎨 who specializes in impressionist portraits.
    An observer, a chronicler of moments, Edward B. Gordon is a passionate portraitist of modern daily life who splits his time between London and Berlin.
    His works use muted, delicate hues and soft brushstrokes to create emotive depictions of his subjects.

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    Charles Baudelaire / Roberto Ferri | Tristezze della luna / The sadness of the moon

    Roberto Ferri🎨 | Tristezze della luna

    This evening the Moon dreams more languidly,
    Like a beauty who on many cushions rests,
    And with her light hand fondles lingeringly,
    Before she sleeps, the slope of her sweet breasts.

    Stasera la luna sogna più languidamente;
    come una bella donna su tanti cuscini
    che con mano distratta e leggera carezzi
    prima di addormentarsi il contorno dei suoi seni,

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    Edward Gordon, 1940 | Interior painter

    Edward Gordon was born in Ocean City, New Jersey and received a BA from Rutgers University.
    Over the past ten years Edward has received numerous honors and awards🎨 including: Cover and Center Spread, Yankee Magazine, March 2000; The Artists Magazine, May 1995; Cover Competition, First Prize, Landscape Division, The Artists Magazine; Finalist in the 1994 Arts for the Parks Competition

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    Cesare Pavese | Agony / Agonia, 1933

    Frantz Charlet (Belgian Impressionist painter, 1862-1928) | A promenade in Vonaco

    I’ll wander the streets till I’m dead tired,
    I’ll learn to live alone and look each passing face
    straight in the eye and still be what I am.
    This coolness ascending in me, searching through my veins,
    is an awakening each morning that I’ve never felt
    so real -except that I feel stronger
    than my body, and a colder shiver comes each morning now.

    The mornings I had at twenty are now far: away.
    And tomorrow, twenty-one: tomorrow I’ll go out in tile
    streets -
    I remember every stone, and the layers of the sky.