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Pantelis Zografos (Greek, 1949)

Παντελής Ζωγράφος was born in Athens, Greece, into a family with along tradition of producing fine artists. In greek language, the name of Zografos means artist: and following the Greek custom, Pantelis took the name of his paternal grandfather, a renowned iconographer.
Both of his parents were professional artists, and he spent much of his youth in their studio in Athens.
In 1971, after serving the Greek Air Force, Pantelis moved to America.

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Carl Larsson (Swedish, 1853-1919)

Larsson is one of the most famous Swedish artists and perhaps the most beloved people. He is known for his watercolor paintings of idyllic family life.
Carl Larsson was a painter and interior designer, representative of the Arts and Crafts Movement. His many paintings include oils, watercolors and frescoes.
He considered his finest work to be Midvinterblot (Midwinter Sacrifice), a large wall mural now displayed inside the Swedish National Museum of Fine Arts.
Larsson was born in 'Gamla stan', the old town in Stockholm, in 1853. His parents were extremely poor and his childhood sad and miserable. However, at the age of thirteen his teacher at the school for poor children urged him to seek entry into the 'principskola' of the Stockholm Academy of Fine Arts where he also got accepted.

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Vincitori del premio Nobel per la Letteratura, 1901-2020

Il premio Nobel🎨 per la Letteratura è uno dei cinque premi istituiti dal testamento di Alfred Nobel nel 1895 ed è attribuito all'autore nel campo della letteratura mondiale che "si sia maggiormente distinto per le sue opere in una direzione ideale"; è stato assegnato per la prima volta nel 1901, come gli altri premi istituiti da Nobel stesso.
Un premio considerato il più prestigioso e il più mediatico del mondo, il Premio Nobel mette in evidenza un autore ed il suo lavoro.

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Edna St. Vincent Millay | When the Year Grows Old / Quando l’anno invecchia

I cannot but remember
When the year grows old -
October - November -
How she disliked the cold!

She used to watch the swallows
Go down across the sky,
And turn from the window
With a little sharp sigh.

And often when the brown leaves
Were brittle on the ground,
And the wind in the chimney
Made a melancholy sound.

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Nathalie Picoulet, 1968 | Pastel figurative painter

French painter🎨 Nathalie Picoulet was born in Amiens and began a career in portrait paintings in 1993.
After displaying an early talent for drawing, she studied the history of Art and Design before deciding to pursue a full-time career as an artist in pastels.
Nathalie Picoulet studied at The University of Plastic Arts and followed higher education of drawing at L Ecole Superieur of design in Amiens.

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Egon Schiele | I, eternal child / Io, eterno fanciullo

I, eternal child,
always watched the passage of the rutting people and did not want
to be inside them, I said -
spoke and did not speak, I listened and wanted
to hear them and see into them, strongly and more strongly.

I, eternal child -
I sacrificed myself for others …
who looked and did not see me …

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Anne-Christine Roda, 1974 | Hyperrealist painter

Anne-Christine Roda is an French painter🎨.
She defines a highly original interpretation of the portrait:  in her work the painting is entirely subjugated to the portrayal of man’s fragility.
Her paintings, in terms of the choice of pose for her models and the neutral treatment of their backgrounds are as rooted in tradition, as her subjects are sourced unequivocally from our contemporary era.
Her choice of subject speaks directly to our everyday lives.