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Anatoly Metlan, 1964 | Impressionist painter

Ukrainian painter Anatoly Metlan was born in Yalta, near the Black Sea. As he got older, Metlan developed a passion for the works of impressionist.
After High School he attended the Krivoi Rog University, South of Ukraine. While at the University, Metlan exhibited his works and little by little made a name for himself.

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Mariano Fortuny y Marsal | Fantasy on Faust, 1866

In this work, Mariano Fortuny y Marsal🎨 (1838-1874) establishes an eloquent link between painting and music and a clear exposition of what his friend, the Baron Davillier, called his very lively and very pure taste in music.
Fortuny depicts one of the musical evenings that he attended in Madrid during the summer of 1866 at his friend and former classmate, Catalan painter Francisco Sans y Cabot’s studio at no. 13, calle Flor Baja in Madrid.

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Chen Yifei (1946-2005) | Music Player painting

Chen's works considered a unique combination of both Western and Eastern influences. Chen's style combines the realism associated with European art styles, with Eastern subject matter and themes close to the artist's history.
One such example of this unique blend is his painting Poppy which derives its content from a Tang dynasty song about a woman who solemnly questions her fate.

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Marc Chagall | Music and Colour

  • "Mozart never composed anything, ever! He copied what was written on his soul".
  • "Mozart non ha mai composto nulla, mai! Ha copiato ciò che è stato scritto sulla sua anima".
  • "Color is all. When color is right, form is right. Color is everything, color is vibration like music; everything is vibration".
  • "Il colore è tutto. Quando il colore è giusto, anche la forma è giusta. Il colore è tutto, il colore è vibrazione come la musica; tutto è vibrazione".