Bartolomeo Giuliano (1825-1909) | Genre painter

Bartolomeo Giuliano was an Italian painter🎨.
Giuliano studied at the Albertina Academy in Turin and began presenting works on historical and literary subjects at the local Promotrice exhibitions in 1846.
He was appointed assistant professor of figure drawing in Turin alongside Enrico Gamba in 1855 and then held the same position with Raffaele Casnédi in Milan, where he moved in 1860.

Édouard Sain | Excavations at Pompeii, 1865

Édouard Alexandre Sain (13 May 1830 - 26 June 1910) was a French painter🎨 whose works included historical and genre subjects as well as portraits.
Sain was strongly interested in antiquity.
He first settled at Écouen, where he painted various rustic scenes in the plein air style, but experimented with other styles. His paintings from this period include Vénus et l'Amour, a group of chimney sweeps and a historical painting of the period of Louis XV.

Filippo Palizzi | The Excavation of Pompeii, 1870

Filippo Palizzi | The Excavation of Pompeii, 1865

Filippo Palizzi (1818-1899) was an Italian painter🎨 of the Verismo style.
He moved to Naples in 1837 and enrolled at the Royal Institute of Fine Arts, but withdrew after a few months to attend the private school of the painter Giuseppe Bonolis.
Contact with his brother Giuseppe, who moved to France in 1844, introduced him to the painting of the Barbizon School.

Bernardino Licinio (1489-1565) | High Renaissance painter

Bernardino Licinio was a painter during the Italian High Renaissance, creating portraits and religious works. He was born in Bergamo in the town of Lombardy. It is said that he may have trained in the studio of Giovanni Bellini (1430-1516)🎨, a prominent Venetian painter of the Bellini family. Licinio stayed close to the artistic developments of the Venetian school of painting.

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Telemaco Signorini | Bapin de Lilela, 1895

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Vincenzo Caprile | Il sogno (nel sorriso della fede)

Vincenzo Caprile (Naples, June 24, 1856 - Naples, 1936) was an Italian painter🎨, mainly Genre scenes and landscape paintings depicting the coast of Amalfi.
He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples with Domenico Morelli🎨 and Gabriele Smargiassi. He was attached to the School of Resina associated with Filippo Palizzi.

Vincenzo Migliaro (1858-1938) | Mercato del pesce a Porta Capuana

Vincenzo Migliaro was an Italian painter🎨 born in Naples.
After learning the art of wood carving at courses held by the Società Centrale Operaia Napoletana and working in the studio of Stanislao Lista, Migliaro enrolled in 1875 at the Naples Institute of Fine Arts, where his masters included Domenico Morelli🎨.