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Oscar Ghiglia | Post-Macchiaioli painter

Born and raised in Livorno, Italian painter Oscar Ghiglia (1876-1945) chose Florence to pursue his artistic ambitions.
Ghiglia was initially trained by his father, who was also a painter, before studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence.
He was particularly influenced by the teachings of Giovanni Fattori while also open to innovations from across the Alps, in particular to the oeuvre of Cézanne and from as well as Swiss and German artists such as Arnold Böcklin and Franz von Lenbach.

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Luigi Busi | Genre painter

Luigi Busi (1837-1884) was an Italian painter, born in Bologna.
Busi studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, though by 1868, he is documented to be in Milan.
He was named academic professor at the Bolognese Academy in 1871.
In 1876, he was named Honorary Associate of the Brera Academy.
His early training was in an environment characterized by Realist depictions.

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Edmond Bénard | Vincent van Gogh at the age of 34

This group photograph of the INHA fund - Institut national d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris, represent Vincent van Gogh, Paul Gauguin and the Nabis group on February 8, 1888 at the Académie Julian, 48 rue de Faubourg saint Denis, Paris.
Digitized by the library in 2010, published on the Digital Library in 2013 then posted on the Arago portal, this photograph appeared the same year in "Portraits d'ateliers: un album de photographs fin de siècle".
It is part of an album of photographs of artists' studios, purchased in 1958 at the Fabius gallery.

Edmond Bénard | Vincent van Gogh at the Académie Julian, 1888 | Institut national d'Histoire de l'Art, Paris (INHA)

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Konstantinos Kavàfis | Per quanto sta in te / As much as you can

E se non puoi la vita che desideri
cerca almeno questo
per quanto sta in te: non sciuparla
nel troppo commercio con la gente
con troppe parole in un viavai frenetico.

Marc Chagall | Over the Town, 1918 | Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia

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Ghiannis Ritsos | Il tuo corpo sulla spiaggia..

II tuo corpo sulla spiaggia sabbiosa
la sabbia attaccata alla tua carne
la sabbia sulle mie mani
sulla mia lingua
perch’io ti scopra

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Jeffrey T. Larson, 1962

Jeffrey T. Larson è un artista raffinato di formazione classica ed è fondatore e direttore della Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art.
Larson si è formato alla maniera degli antichi maestri presso il prestigioso Atelier Lack, uno studio/scuola le cui tradizioni e metodi di formazione risalgono all'impressionismo ed alle accademie francesi del XIX secolo.
Ha seguito la sua formazione formale di quattro anni con studi museali negli Stati Uniti ed all'estero.

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Auguste de Châtillon | Léopoldine in the Book of Hours, 1835

"Léopoldine in the Book of Hours" can be dated to 1835, the inscription on canvas possibly relating either to the beginning or the end of the execution or to its commission for Léopoldine's (daughter of Victor Hugo) eleventh birthday.
It was in this year that the young child began to go to catechism, which the book of hours seems to symbolize.
The portrait is of great iconographic interest for the indication it can give about the apartment on the Place Royale: the armchair, the 15th century Book of Hours, open on a miniature of the Dormition of the Virgin of which it is likely that it belonged to Victor Hugo.

Auguste de Châtillon | Léopoldine in the Book of Hours, 1835 | Maison de Victor Hugo