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Laimonas Šmergelis (Lithuanian, 1972)

Born in Utena, Lithuania Laimonas Šmergelis is a very talented artist, with many paintings full of vivid colors, surreal elements and great portraits. Laimonas was inspired from Picasso and Gustav Klimt..
1985 - Utena Children Arts School.
1989 - repeatedly graduated from Utena Children Arts School.
1995 - Siauliai Pedagogical University, Bachelor Degree in Arts and Crafts.
1997 - Siauliai Pedagogical University, Master’s Degree in Humanitarian Sciences, Fine Arts Studies.
Worked as arts teacher in a primary school. Since 2003 organizes courses in Utena Region Association for Disabled.Organized about 20 personal exhibitions. Since 1990 participates in group exhibitions (about 40 exhibitions).

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Natalie Shau, 1984 | Pop Surrealism painter

Natalie Shau is mixed media artist and photographer based in Lithuania (Vilnius). She refers to herself as a mixed media artist and photographer with an interest in fashion and portrait photography as well as digital illustration and photo art.
Some go as far as to describe her as a world-famous female representative of the hi-tec avant-garde of figurative art and leading illustrator and photographer in the digital art scene.
However, none of her shorter or longer biographies published on the internet make clear whether the Lithuanian ever attended art school at all or whether she is a mere autodidact. Considering the absence of any reference to an art education in her biographies, one rather has to assume the latter.