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Yury Darashkevich (Belarusian, 1962)

Yury was born in Asipovichi, Belarus. Following his passion, attended and graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of the Arts in 1985. Upon graduation he began a career in the illustration and graphic design field, painting in my spare time.
After several successful solo shows in the early 90’s, he started to devote his attention to his art (paintings and art objects).
Shortly after making this career change, he and his family moved to Toronto Canada. Being a full time artist, he became an Elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists in 2009.

In 2010 he was recognized by the US Government as a “Person with extra ordinary abilities in Art” and granted a Green Card. Shortly after, he came to Florida and opened his studio in Lake Worth. Currently his artworks are exhibited in art galleries in US and Canada.
"My works are about visual perception and the ways in which the face or body or sometimes even a simple cup responds to the color, line, texture or pattern. The “Thing” or “Subject” by itself, surrounded by “Great Nothing”, is my excitement. I try to establish a very private dialog between the viewer and the subject matter of my painting. It is a simple and sincere conversation without any unnecessary details".
Yuri has had 10 solo exhibitions and has won 6 awards throughout Europe, Canada and the USA .