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Tina Palmer (American, 1964)

Tina Palmer always knew a career in art was what she wanted. Largely self-taught, her work is available by commission, through select Galleries across the U.S. and through her unique Tina Palmer Art Events which allow art lovers to host Tina and her work on a fee basis in corporate or home settings combining her art, canvasses created by attendees while enjoying Tina's selected music, food, wine and cocktails.
T. Palmer originals are created in the artist's studio in the Washington, DC area. Known for her high energy and enthusiasm for fine art, she was recently profiledin the Art Business News special profile of successful women making their mark in the art industry.
Showcased at major Art Expos, owned by indiviidual and corporate collectors, and featured in the Trump World Center NYC model condo, Tina brings a fresh and original approach to enhancing spaces.