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Lena Sotskova (Russian, 1963)

Lena Sotskova was born in Moscow. She was discovered as a child prodigy at the age of four. A descendant of generations of the Russian aristocracy, Lena was fortunate to have a privileged upbringing and elite education in leading art schools and through private lessons from masters of painting.
Lena Sotskova was studying and working in the vaults of prestigious institutions such as The Hermitage, The Louvre, Art Fund of Russia and royal palaces and cathedrals of Moscow and St. Petersburg.
She was involved in the restoration of rare pieces of art that were damaged during the Moscow fire of 1812 during the war with Napoleon Bonaparte.

Lena's talent, education, experience and exposure to such a wealth of culture have resulted in a unique, very intriguing art style that is magnetic and powerful. It represents an artistic evolution of her classical training merged with elements of contemporary environment.
One of today’s most acclaimed painters with many international awards and titles, Lena knows that being in a state of comfort is destructive to the creativity of an artist, so she is constantly at work, in the further development of her unique art style.
Lena Sotskova only creates from 5 to 8 original paintings each year. She does not repeat herself in her paintings, evolving to the next, more superior level in every new art piece