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Slava Fokk | Russia

Slava Fokk was born into a family of artists in 1976 in the south of Russia, in the city of Krasnodar. Since his childhood, he has been surrounded by a creative atmosphere - art workshops, studios and creative summer residences. In 1997 Fokk completed his training in the Krasnodar Art School, also known as the Repin. Slava Fokk graduated with high honor. He was declared to be one of the brightest graduates of his class, named in the top ten of his graduating class. Some years after graduating, Fokk reflected on his artistic path and decided to move to Moscow. In Fokk’s words, “I felt that the atmosphere where I was living was pressing on me. It seems to me that everyone at some point in time needs to leave…to live somewhere else, far away. As a native of Krasnodar, I knew that I would have to work to adapt to another city, another culture. I knew that it would be very useful”. Slava Fokk now lives and works in Moscow. There, he is exposed to the “old” Russia, a combination of bourgeois and art. He finds that he is very productive in Moscow.