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Rabindranath Tagore | At the end of the day

I know, this day will come to an end
At the end of the day
Wanly smiling
The dying sun will look at my face
Bidding me its last farewell.

The flute will play by the side of the way
The cattle will graze on the banks of the river

Louis Apol | Winter landscape with sunset

In the courtyard the children will play
And the birds will sing -
Still the day will come to an end.

To you I only pray -
Before I go let me know
Looking at the sky
Why mother earth so green
Gave me a call
Why the silence of the night
Told me the stories of the stars
Why the lights of the day
Raised waves in my mind –
This is what I pray.

When on this earth
The game of my life will be over
In a harmony may I stop my song
May I fill with fruits and flowers
The trays of the seasons.

May I see you in the light of my life
And give you my garland –
When I shall end my days on this earth.