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Mihai Criste (Romanian, 1975)

Mihai Criste is a creative Romanian artist who is fascinated by abstration, mystery and surrealism. Mihai Criste was born in the Deva Hunedoara county in Romania.
A professional painter for more than 10 years, Mihai has participated in numerous contests and exhibitions.
His artworks combine several subjects in an attempt to confuse the viewer of what is reality.
Since 2001 Mihai has participated in various group exhibitions in Romania, the USA and England.
He furthermore collaborated with a number of Printing Houses to illustrate books, such as the children's book "The Wizard of Oz" and covers, such as for the book "About Clowns" by Norman Manea. Mihai's paintings strongly remind the onlooker of Magritte.
The oustanding precision with which Mihai paints his surealistic works is absolutely fascinating and immediately catches the recipients attention.