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Escha Van Den Bogerd 1972 | Holland

Escha Van Den Bogerd was born in The Hague, Holland, and started painting at the age of 3. In the Hague, she attended the Rudolf Steiner school, a school with many art subjects including painting, drawing and art history. I have been an full time artist sinds 1994, my paintings have been exhibited sold and published worldwide. Her Paintings have been sold to private collections in some of the following countries, Switzerland, Austria, Peru, Luxembourg, Holland, UK, US, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Germany, Ireland and New Zealand. Eschas work has also been published by PGM Artworld and house in Holland, prints are available worldwide. Recent exhibitions where held in Switzerland and Holland. Painting is my passion my life, and is about sharing thoughts and emotions with others. My works of art have become extremely personal; they are an emotional response to my surroundings and experiences. These are reflections of joy,  hope, peace and sadness.