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Andrew Atroshenko (Russian, 1965)

Andrew Atroshenko's work is distinguished by the movement, color and passion. Andrew Atroshenko was born in the city of Pokrovsk, Russia. Accepted as a gifted child in 1977 into the Children’s Art School, Andrew graduated with honors in 1981.
Two years later, Andrew entered Bryansk Art College, and in 1991 was accepted at one of the most prestigious art schools in the world, the St. Petersburg Academy of Art.
In 1994, Andrew began taking part in exhibitions such as St. Petersburg Artists in Reutlingen, Germany, the exhibition of a group “Academy” in St. Petersburg 1996, and “Teacher’s memory” 1997.

After graduation from St. Petersburg Academy of Art in 1999, Andrew was invited by a New England, US based art group “Bay Arts” to take part in their exhibitions and activities, spending that entire year in the United States into the Millennium.
While Andrew’s work was being sold successfully in galleries across Florida, California, Ohio and Arizona, the artist was taking part in a variety of group exhibitions and auctions in France, which resulted in all of his work being sold out.
Since 2000, Andrew has worked with dealers from Western Europe and the US, exhibiting and selling his paintings in such US cities as Carmel, Scottsdale, Palm Desert, Las Vegas and Hawaii.
Two of Andrew’s pieces were also auctioned off by Sotheby’s in 2002-2003. In 1992 Andrew married a fellow student, Maria, who is now an art critic in St Petersburg, Russia, and has a daughter named Alexandra.
Like many artists, Andrew has his artistic references and influences, but his wife and daughter are the inspiration for his passion.