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Hervé Loilier 1948 | French painter

Hervé Loilier was born in Paris in 1948. From 1965, he works in Jullian Academy, then enters in 1967 in Polytechnic School where he works with Pierre Jérôme and Lucien Fontanarosa. He obtained a diploma in 1970 at the Ecole Polytechnique. Afterwards, he entered in third year in National College of Decorative Arts. Hervé Loilier transforms what he sees and especially what he feels faced with a subject. In his paintings, he is in search, first of all, of the subject's spirit, the soul of a landscape or a given situation. One may say that his painting looks like him, at the same time reserved and warm-hearted, discreet and however communicative. So in the art works of Loilier, there is an atmosphere of mystery and quasi mystic unreality where the spectator is aspirated for his greatest aesthetic pleasure. Midway between mythology and history. Loilier recreates situations which go beyond the image. A way as other one to be like a prophet.