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Igor Medvedev 1961 | Russian painter

Igor Medvedev was born in Novopskov, Ukraine on 1961. In 1985 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Electronics Techniques, physio-chemical faculty. His first personal exhibition took place in the Youth Dramatic Theatre in 1990. Thereafter he was regularly exhibited by the leading galleries in Vilnuce, Kaunas: Juste, Contemporary Art Center, Russian House and others. Igor Medvedev's art celebrates the soul of our past. His masterful use of light captures and preserves the ancient spirit of the Mediterranean and Aegean Seas - the small seaside fishing villages of Italy and Spain, the quaint and traditional towns atop hillsides in Greece. He disdains technology and celebrates the common genius of simple human creativity and handiwork. Medvedev and his family fled german occupation during World War II and the young Russian found himself and his family a long way from freedom. After the war, the Medvedevs settled in Munich. It was there that Igor first saw the meticulousness and precision of Renaissance painting and sculpture. Today, he deploys the painstaking technique of that time, in a process known as "casein glazing". His use of impasto and chiaroscuro has led critics to comment that "He paints like a sculptor," and in fact, the multi-faceted artist is accomplished in the bronze medium. His works adorn private collections throughout the world.