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Mike Savad | American photographer

Mike Savad is an photographer. His style of digital manipulation of images and the addition of color to old images, to achieve that personal cyberpunk effect is fantastic. Mike has achieved a unique style that makes him recognizable all over the world.
"Mike Savad: Photo realistic is what people think of first. There are many themes, flowers, porches, and local Suburban Scenes, some city, some urban.
My style is not really photography and not really a painting.I create images that resemble paintings, a cross between Rockwell, and the paintings of the Renaissance.
I don't like plain photos. I found that over time every photographers work will look the same. Its hard to set yourself apart from everyone else if your work looks like everyone else's".

Mike Savad | Suburban Scenes

"I specialize in HDR. HDR stands for: High Dynamic Range, it has the ability to sustain both highlights and shadow at the same time.
It allows me to see out a window on a sunny day, see the grass, while at the same time, see the pie on the table, and the cat under the table. To achieve this, you need multiple frames and you have to edit it into one image".