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Felix Mas (Spanish painter, 1935)

Felix Mas considers himself a traditionalist, obsessed with form and color, creating images that celebrate femininity and luminous beauty of the female form.
Mas uses his paintbrush to convey emotion. It is his gift. Born in Barcelona, he trained at both the Artes y Oficios and the Escuela Superior de San Jorge, then furthered his artistic education with extensive travels throughout Europe and the United States, eventually returning to his native Barcelona to work.
For Mas, painting implies color, emotion and impression. His works, he says, are “infinite”.

His elegantly dressed female figures, whether gazing into the distance or drifting into a daydream, captivate us with their graceful radiance and evocatively strong emotions.
Mas finds inspiration in women amidst the opulent settings of the Asian world, especially Japan and India with their beautiful costumes and landscape, Egypt, ripe with its enigmatic symbols, and ancient Greece and Rome, saturated with their unique elegance and sensuality.
Despite his fame, Felix Mas has remained a modest man, continuing to strive to achieve his dream of becoming an “Artist” in its most complete and absolute meaning. He enjoys working in his studio in Barcelona, blessed to be near his extended family.
His studio is his world, the place where he transcribes everything he has experienced from the world outside and gives shape to what he has already gathered. He can be found there laboriously creating his own colors using natural pigments. In the background classical music plays as he works his twelve-hour days.