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Guillaume-Charles Brun | Young Rag Seller, 1870

Charles Guillaume Brun (Montpellier, 1825 - Paris, 1908) was registered in 1847 at the Paris Beaux-Arts school, where he studied under the direction of François- Edouard Picot (1786-1868) and of Alexandre Cabanel (1823-1889)**.
His participation in the Paris Salon began in 1851 with genre subjects (Young girl doing her morning prayer), but as soon as 1853, he regularly sent Orientalist scenes, located in Algeria (Prayer in 1859, Rendez-vous in Constantine in 1861, Moorish woman in 1867), strongly architecturally designed, animated with sharp contrasts in lighting effects and showing a fine sensitivity while modulating his grays. 
In addition to numerous landscapes of Algeria, he was also known as military portraitist, painting accurately uniforms, and he naturally became official painter to the Ministry of War, where he worked with Alexandre Cabanel**. He was also the author of decoration of churches, including that of Villemomble (Martyrdom of St. Lawrence, 1857). Brun became a member of the French Artists society from 1883.