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Hjalmar Munsterhjelm (1840-1905)

Magnus Hjalmar Munsterhjelm (19 October 1840, Tuulos - 2 April 1905, Helsinki) was a Swedish-Finnish landscape painter.
He studied in Düsseldorf and Karlsruhe under Hans Gude in the early 1860s.
He painted landscapes "influenced by the romantic notions of the Düsseldorf school, while also evincing new, more realistic impulses".
His landscape "October Evening in the Archipelago after First Snow, 1883" was purchased by Alexander III in 1885; the painting is now in the Ateneum Art Museum.

Two of his works, "The Evening, in Finland" and "The Night" were displayed at the Exposition Universelle (1878) in Paris.
His work "Evening of the First Spring" was on display at the Exposition Universelle (1900) in Paris as part of the Russian section. | © Wikipedia

Munsterhjelm ‹mü´nstërielm›, Magnus Hjalmar - Pittore (Toivoniemi 1840 - Helsinki 1905). Dipinse soprattutto paesaggi il cui carattere idillico riecheggia l'interpretazione della natura finlandese propria del poeta nazionale Z. Tolpenis. Studiò a Düsseldorf con G. W. Holmberg e H. Gude, e poi a Parigi. | © Treccani