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Van Gogh | Reminiscence of Brabant, 1890

Title: Reminiscence of Brabant
Artist: Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, (1853-1890)
Date: Saint-Rémy: March-April, 1890
Dimensions: 29.0 x 36.5 cm
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Current location: Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

This landscape was painted during one of Van Gogh's difficult periods. He was in the hospital in Saint-Rémy.
When he had to stay indoors but wanted to paint, he had to find subject matter. For example, he painted several 'reminiscences' of his native Brabant region.
He wrote about them in a letter to his mother and sister:
"And while my illness was at its worst, I still painted, among other things a reminiscence of Brabant, cottages with mossy roofs and beech hedges on an autumn evening with a stormy sky, the sun setting red in reddish clouds".