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Anna Marinova / Анна Маринова, 1983

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anna Marinova studied at the Saint Petersburg Roerich College of Art.
From 2004-2010 she studied at The Repin🎨 Art Institute (The Russian Academy of Arts) in workshops with professor of painting V.V. Sokolov.
She began exhibiting in 2005, and in 2008 she was awarded🎨 with the gold medal of the Russian Academy of Arts for academic excellence.

Her sensitive female figures are caught in reflective moments, as you get a glimpse into their private world thru her eyes.
The beauty and innocence is mesmerizing, accented by her perfection in realism.
Art has been a way for Anna to know herself and the world around her.
"Art helps me to express an idea, an emotion or, more generally, my world view through colors, shapes, light, without words" - explains Anna.
Inspired by many of the great masters, Titan🎨, Velazquez🎨, Rembrandt🎨, Rubens🎨, Holbein, Ingres🎨, Boucher🎨, Fragonard, Zorn🎨 and Sargent, as well as the great Russian realist school masters, Levitsky, Venetsianov, Bryullov, Serov and Fechin🎨.
Anna is very proud to be a successor of the traditions of the Russian realistic school of painting.
Her beautiful paintings can be found in private collections in Russia, London and the United States.  Anna still resides in Petersburg.