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Cristina Fornarelli (Italian, 1978)

Since she was a child, Cristina Fornarelli envisaged life as an intimate and emotional process that blooms throughout the life of a being.
As such, both in her personal evolution and her professional career, the Italian🎨 creator is deeply attached to everything that deals with delicateness, poetry and femininity.
Her figurative works, painted with oils, are produced from pure colours, directly affixed on the canvas with a spatula.

The nuances are juxtaposed and intertwined to give both a soft and spacious aspect to the composition.
Working from a range of unique interpretations to details, attitudes and portraits, Cristina endeavours to unveil certain aspects of the submerged part of the female world.
Taking fragments of daily life, such as a pair of shoes or a full suitcase, as a metaphor, the artists tends to consider all of the emotional potential that may emerge from an "accessory" that could at first sight seem insignificant.
In addition, each subject is meticulously staged, consciously executed, in order to highlight its importance in a woman’s path, in her individual construction, just like her own person.
In the long term inhabited by the landscapes of her native region, situated in the south of Italy, Cristina’s painting carries the softness that emanates from light, that is so unique, that bathes in the Adriatic coast.
Memories are for the artist a number of indicators of experience that nourish both the past and the present, as well as the future of each individual.
That's why she tends to represent them as "suspended in time and space", with the idea that they can span the ages.