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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Algerian painter. Mostra tutti i post


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Abdelhalim Kebieche | Expressionist / Genre painter

"Abdelhalim Kebieche: "I am a friend of the wretched, and so are my colors".".

Abdelhalim Kebieche is an visual artist who was honored with the gold medal at the international competition of Professional d'Art 2020 all categories, organized by the Mondial Art Academy (MAA) of Paris.
A graduate of the National School of Fine Arts in Algiers, Abdelhalim Kebieche has taken part in national and international exhibitions from 1994 until today.
Moreover, his last collective exhibition was last November where he represented Algeria for the 2nd edition of the Contemporary Art Days of Carthage (JACC), in Tunisia.
Kebieche received his first gold medal for his painting "The Absurd" exhibited at the competition of the Mondial Art Academy (MAA) in Paris.


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Thierry Garnier-Lafond 1960 | Algeria

Birth on May 7th, 1960 in Algiers, from 1978 till 1981: diploma of the College of Decorative arts of Poitiers, from 1982 till 1984: graphic designer freelance in region Poitou-Charentes1984 in 2009: Painter, graphic designer in the press and the printing office and on Web. Manage at once his two activities of graphic designer and painter for 25 years. Some of his paintings are present in numerous collections deprived in France, Italy, Slovenia and USA.