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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Brazilian Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Marcos Damascena (Brazilian painter, 1981)

Born in Poções Bahia, Marcos Damascena settled in St. Paul, where he began his artistic career, studying with the great names in figurative art.
Made with the design of the live model and teacher Luis Alberto, the Paulista Association of Fine Arts, then studied with the master Abraham Jorge Esteves: color theory and anatomy of animals, especially horses.

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Cristo Redentore (Rio De Janeiro, 1931)

La statua del Cristo Redentore di Rio de Janeiro è uno dei monumenti più conosciuti al mondo. Il monumento, alto circa 39.6 metri, raffigura un grande Gesù Cristo dalle braccia aperte, a simboleggiare il calore e l'accoglienza del popolo brasiliano verso i visitatori.
Situato sulla montagna del Corcovado, all'interno del Parco Nazionale di Tijuca, sorge proprio sulla cima del monte, a più di 700 metri sul livello del mare, a picco sulla città e sulla baia di Rio de Janeiro, è alta 38 metri, di cui 8 metri fanno parte del basamento, in posizione dominante rispetto alla città.
Dall'alto della sua posizione si apre una splendida veduta sul panorama circostante, che comprende la città di Rio de Janeiro con la sua baia. Da qui sono inoltre visibili il Pan di Zucchero e la Baia di Guanabara e Niteròi, così come le spiagge di Copacabana, di Ipanema e la Laguna Rodrigo de Freitas.

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Carlos Vanderlei Pinto, 1953 | Magic Realism painter

Self-taught painter, composer and poet Carlos Vanderlei Pinto was born in Brazil.
He studied graphic arts and at 13 he won his first prize🎨 in the regional Flag Day poster competition.

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Tullius Heuer | Surrealist digital painter

Tullius Heuer is a self-taught digital artist from Maceió, Alagoas, Brazil.
He uses techniques like Photomanipulation and basic digital painting to bring his ideas alive.
He masterfully blends his pencil art simulations with real photos in his magical three-dimensional manipulations and the results leave us wondering what would happen if drawings came to life.

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Rodolfo Amoedo (1857-1941) Academic painter

Rodolfo Amoedo (11 December 1857, Salvador - 31 May 1941, Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian painter🎨, designer and decorator.
His interest in art and decoration began when a family friend (who was a lyricist) invited him to do work on the now defunct Teatro São Pedro.
In 1873, he enrolled at the "Liceu de Artes e Ofícios do Rio de Janeiro", where he studied with Victor Meirelles.
The following year, he transferred to the Academia Imperial de Belas Artes.

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Edson Campos (Brazilian painter, 1955)

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Campos has enjoyed sketching and painting since childhood. He is a completely self-taught artist. He moved to the United States in 1978 where he quickly established himself as an artist of the highest caliber.
He has exhibited his lifelike, passionate paintings and drawings in major cities throughout the country, winning several awards.
Not surprisingly, Campos' sophisticated artwork also has great popular appeal: it has been commissioned to be exhibited in all 500 rooms of the Queen Mary Hotel in Long Beach, California. Recently, Campos participated in the Art Expo New York, where his work was highly praised by critics. The November 1999 issue of The Artist's Magazine featured his work in a special section on painting techniques.

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Jose Roosevelt | Rio de Janeiro | Surrealist

"I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1958. An autodidact, I held my first exhibition at the age of twenty, in Brasilia. Already, my compositions were full of dream-like and symbolic images. In 1988, I had the opportunity to show my paintings and drawings in Europe. Two years later, I set up my atelier in Lausanne, Switzerland. Since then, I have shown my art in several countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and the United States. But painting is not my only activity: I have illustrated many books notably Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll written and drawn some graphic novels, drawn a Tarot card deck, and published two catalogues of drawings and one of paintings".

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Eduardo Arguelles | Brazile

Eduardo Arguelles is a Brazilian born painter, cardiologist and university professor. Argüelles began painting at 48 years of age, and sustains up to today, his status of self-taught artist. To achieve higher levels of quality with his drawings, Argüelles adept the classic style, briefly transitioned to symbolist painting, leading to his current phase. Amazed with exquisiteness and perfection, especially of woman, Argüelles has the aptitude to create and/or recreate figures of extraordinary buoyancy and lucidity superimposing images that are, sometimes, indistinct. The result of that is what we can refer to "oneiric figurative". In his path, the painter participated in more than seventy of individual and cooperative exhibitions. Eduardo Argüelles is a member of “Ordem do Mérito das Belas Artes” -Merit Order of Fine Arts- and, holds an academic title at the “Academia Brasileira de Belas Artes“.