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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Genre painting. Mostra tutti i post


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Franz Rumpler | Pittore di genere

Franz Rumpler (4 dicembre 1848, Tachau - 7 marzo 1922, Klosterneuburg) è stato un pittore di genere e paesaggista Austriaco.
Era il figlio di Johann Baptist Rumpler (1807-1876), intagliatore del legno, e fratello di Johann Rumpler, il Giovane (1845-1918), scultore del legno. Le sue prime lezioni vennero da suo padre.
Dopo aver mostrato un talento insolito, fu inviato a Vienna per ulteriori studi, all'età di quindici anni, e ricevette numerosi premi per il suo lavoro.
Attirò l'attenzione del cardinale Friedrich Prince zu Schwarzenberg e, con il suo sostegno finanziario, poté studiare all'Accademia di Belle Arti con Eduard von Engerth.


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Matteo Caloiaro, 1983 | Genre / Figurative painter

Matteo Caloiaro, a Florida native, resides in Sarasota, FL with his wife and fellow artist, Brooke Olivares.
Matteo is a full time painter and an illustration instructor at Ringling College of Art and Design.
His work has been exhibited throughout the East Coast and the Mid-West.
Matteo is currently represented by Kiley Court Gallery in Provincetown, MA, Brandt-Roberts Galleries in Columbus, OH, and Palm Avenue Fine Art in Sarasota, FL. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions.


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Charles Courtney Curran | Lady with a Bouquet (Snowballs) 1890

The genre painter Charles Courtney Curran is best known for his canvases depicting beautiful ladies in pleasant settings.
Here, a young woman–the artist’s wife Grace Wickham Curran - arranges a bouquet of snowballs, pausing to take in their sweet fragrance.
The small scale of the painting matches the intimacy of the moment.
Her delicate features, light green shawl and blossom-like hat equate her to a flower, suggesting that she is as lovely and dainty as the blooms she savors. Curran’s choice of flower is likely a deliberate one.
At the time this work was painted, bouquets were used to convey messages, with each flower having a specific symbolic meaning.
According to the Victorian "language of flowers", the snowball symbolized thoughts of heaven, adding an air of Christian piety to this work. | © Birmingham Museum of Art

Charles Courtney Curran | Lady with a Bouquet, 1890 | Birmingham Museum of Art


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Attilio Toro (1892-1982)

Attilio Toro è stato un artista Italiano, nato a Portici, Napoli.
Si formò presso l'atelier del padre Carmine Toro, da cui apprese la pittura.
Successivamente, ha studiato all'Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli, allievo prediletto di Vincenzo Volpe, docente di pittura.
I suoi lavori s'ispirano alla pittura dell'Ottocento, con un linguaggio stilistico diverso, che comprende le pennellate dense e la luminosità dei toni.
I soggetti preferiti dei suoi quadri sono ritratti di gusto manciniano, figure caratterizzate da forte sensibilità e paesaggi estesi e semplici.
Nel 1940, per le sue tele è stato premiato dalla Columbus Association.


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Eastman Johnson | At the Closing of the Day, 1878-80

Beginning in 1870 Eastman Johnson (American painter and co-founder of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, 1824-1906) produced a string of anecdotal narrative subjects depicting daily life on the island of Nantucket, Massachusetts.

In the years after the Civil War, Johnson drew upon the visual character of the island and its inhabitants to portray everyday scenes which rank among the artist's most memorable paintings.
In an effort to find new and relevant subject matter, the painter found inspiration in the quiet whaling community of Nantucket. Johnson relished the island's simple way of life, its setting, and its population which offered models of distinctive appearance and character.


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Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger (1814-1893)

Henri-Guillaume Schlesinger, originally Wilhelm Heinrich Schlesinger (6 August 1814, Frankfurt am Main - 21 February 1893, Neuilly-sur-Seine) was a French portrait and genre painter of German birth.
He was especially known for his lively and sensitive depictions of young women.
He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna, and was originally active in that city.


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Karl Raupp (1837-1918) | Genre painter

Karl Raupp was a German landscape and genre painter.
After studying genre painting under Jakob Becker at the Städel Institute in Frankfurt, he became a pupil and zealous follower of Piloty in Munich (1860-65), where he soon gathered a small school.
After 1865, he opened a studio, taking private pupils in painting.


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Jean Gouweloos (1868-1943) | Genre painter

Jean Léon Henri Gouweloos was a Belgian genre and portrait painter as well as poster artist and lithographer.
Jean Gouweloos studied, like his brother Charles (1867-1946) from 1887-1890 and from 1893-1894 at the Académie royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles.
He was also a student of the painter and decorator Charle-Albert.
Before studying, he made a living in Paris by drawing posters, then he worked in the family's printing house, which specialized in artistic printing.