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Visualizzazione post con etichetta Japanese Art. Mostra tutti i post
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Atsushi Koyama 小山 篤, 1978 | Humans and Machines

Born in Tokyo, Atsushi Koyama is a visual artist from Japan. He holds both a BFA in art from Tama Art University and a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Tokyo University of Science in 2008.
Koyama’s work clearly uses the backgrounds of his tutelage as he beautifully blends anatomical illustration with mechanical diagrams.
METAMACHINE is his collaborative project at the border of visual art and electronic music.
Although the meaning behind these oil paintings by Atsushi Koyama is somewhat ambiguous, it’s easy to appreciate the exactness of his paintbrush that colorfully and elegantly depicts mechanical diagrams mixed with anatomical illustrations.

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Akira Kusaka 日下 明 | Fly Me To the Moon

The gentle surrealism of Japanese illustrator Akira Kusaka

Akira Kusaka is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer based in Osaka, Japan.
Akira Kusaka only works with Photoshop where he creates all of his artwork.
He creates for advertisements, book covers, children's picture book, web design, and more.
His all works are drawn only with photoshop.

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Shusaku Takaoka, 1977 | Pop Surrealist graphic designer

Japanese🎨 graphic designer Shusaku Takaoka reimagines pop culture and art in a funny and sometimes macabre way.
The artist is inspired by our modern society to juxtapose visuals who form a funny set and sometimes denouncing aspects of an ultra-consumer and over-connected world.
Using famous faces like Mona Lisa🎨, Van Gogh🎨, and Vermeer’s "Girl with a Pearl Earring"🎨, Takaoka merges them onto bodies sporting the latest fashions. The playful project gives a whole new meaning to these painted characters, who now look incredibly modern.

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Kei Mieno, 1985

Kei Mieno 三重野慶 è un artista Giapponese🎨 nato a Hiroshima che dipinge professionalmente da oltre 10 anni.
Questo pittore è specializzato nell'iperrealismo e utilizza principalmente pittura ad olio per creare i suoi capolavori.

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Kazuhiro Uno (Japanese, 1978)

Kazuhiro Uno / 卯野和宏 is a remarkable Japanese painter🎨 born in Ibaraki Prefecture.
In 2002 he graduated from the Department of Oil Painting at Musashino University of Art, in the class of Hiroshi Sakurai.
In 2004 he took a course in oil painting, also at Musashino University of Art, under the direction of Kuno Kazuhiro.
Kazuhiro Uno's work focuses on the female figure and still life.
He is currently a member of the Federation of Japanese Artists.

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Izumi Kogahara (Japanese, 1979)

Izumi Kogahara is a Japanese painter🎨 and graphic designer, born in Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture.
In the painting world, Izumi Kogahara is what one might call a natural-born master of color use.
Her unique use of warm, cool and neutral colors in all directions produces a singular brilliance and depth from each hue.
Kogahara is inspired by the energy of human beings that is generated not only by the instinct of life but also by the feeling generated by communicating with others.

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Yoshio Markino ( 1870-1956) | The Colour of London

Makino Yoshio / 牧野 義雄, known as Yoshio Markino, was a Japanese🎨 Impressionist Watercolor painter and writer born in Koromo (Toyota City).
In 1893, he travelled to San Francisco where he trained at the Hopkins Art School, before arriving in London in 1897, instantly falling in love with the city.
He spent hours walking the streets, fascinated by the effect of mist and fog on the appearance of buildings, especially under gaslight.

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Milt Kobayashi, 1950

Milt Kobayashi is a sophisticated painter who demonstrates a consummate mastery of design and unsentimental curiosity about people.
The fertile cross-currents of two great cultures have nurtured his art to a harmonious resolve of Western technique with Oriental color, pattern and spatial composition.