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Barbara McCann | Florida

Barbara McCann began her artistic endeavors with drawing as a child, and then with painting in her teenage years. Upon graduating from high school, she took a four-year apprenticeship in architectural illustration and design, which set the stage for a career in commercial art. McCann moved to Florida in 1973, and for the next 20 years ran her own architectural illustration studio.
Between 1973 and 1993, Barbara McCann explored a variety of mediums and methods for landscape and portrait painting. In the early to late seventies, she studied oils with acclaimed figure painter Marilyn Bendell as well as with renowned artists Valfred Thelin and Charles Reid.
Over the course of her career, McCann has steadily expanded both her commercial and fine art clienteles. The interest in Barbara's paintings led her to establish a gallery in Sarasota, Florida, and in the early nineties she signed with a large publisher and gallery chain in the United States. Then in 1995, she secured representation with Fingerhut Group Publishers.The fine art works by Barbara presented below objectify her derived from frequent and extensive trips to the Caribbean, the West Indies, Central America, Greece, and Europe.
Barbara McCann


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