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Chen Yongle (Chinese painter, 1954)

Chen Yongle was born in the Yunan Province of China. He is currently the President of the Yunnan Research Institute of Fine Art, and is a member of various art organisations and committees including the Chinese Artists Association, the Chinese Graphic Artists Association, and the Association of the Artists of Chinese Craft and Art.
He is among the few contemporary Chinese printmakers who can claim a series of international exhibitions.

The artist works in the technique of reduction woodblock prints - printed with thick oil-based colors. Chen Yongle's works remind in technique and style of Hao Ping, another Yunnan Art School representative.
Chen Yongle's prints have been exhibited at many international events and his works can be seen at Fine Art Museums in Asia (China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong), the USA, and Europe (France, Belgium, Holland, Germany).