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Delphin Enjolras (French, 1857-1945)

Delphin Enjolras was a French academic painter. Enjolras painted portraits, interiors, and used mostly watercolours, oil and pastels.
He is best known for his intimate portraits of young women performing mundane activities such as reading or sewing, often by illuminated by lamplight.
Perhaps his most famous work is the "Young Woman Reading by a Window".
He was born in Courcouron, Ardèche. Enjolras studied under watercolorist Gaston Gerard at the "Ecole de Dessin de la Ville de Paris", as well as Jean-Léon Gérôme at the Beaux-Arts, and Pascal Dagnan-Bouveret.

From 1890 and onwards, Enjolras exhibited his works at the Paris Salon, joining the Société des Artistes Français in 1901.
Also, the Musée du Puy and Musée d'Avignon both have collections of his works. Enjolras painted mainly landscapes in his early career; later it became evident that his love was for painting women.
He changed genres, focusing mainly on the portraiture of elegant young women by either lamplight or black lighting.