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Jake Baddeley | Symbolist painter

Artist Statement: All is proportion. I am sitting, a cup of tea, some good music, a brush in hand and i am gone. There is nothing better: I forget where I am, who I am, and all sense of time. As Picasso once said: "I leave my body outside the studio." Or something like that...
I am working on a picture of a lady on a mechanical horse. Why? What is the significance of that? I have no idea. If it "works" pictorially, then do it. Paint first, ask questions later. Too many questions and the muse runs screaming. She is very shy. You have too pretend that she is not there when she comes, but you know she is there because you have no idea what time it is, and you have forgotten your self again. It occurs to me as I proceed, that the lines stop being objects and start to become something else. Pure proportion. Just a harmony of lengths, sizes, and shapes; a prototype Mondrian. Harmony, music, interval, number; all these things are related. It is the link between art, music, and science. A good painting vibrates, because of the resonance of its parts. Vibrates visually, and psychologically...

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