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Julianna | Pasadena, California | Neo-Classical Baroque painter

Achieving both national and international recognition, Julianna has traveled throughout Italy, Holland, Turkey, India, Spain, Austria, et. al. allowing Julianna to understand the cultural milieu in which the Masters lived and to study their works directly. Julianna is the quintessential Renaissance woman in that her work is a creative blending of the classical and the contemporary. There is a mystery to her creations as she combines old and new. She effectively utilizes acrylic paints, traditional oils, raw pigments and varnish techniques dating back 500 years. To achieve her effects, she integrates old recipes and new materials while applying the traditional masters’ techniques of painting in layers and blending with color glazes. Her work has been directly inspired by Rubens, Caravaggio and Michelangelo. From the Classical, she draws upon the ability to see perfection and portray that idealized beauty in her figures. From the Baroque period, she is inspired by the emotion, drama and essence of light to be found in so many of the works. Integrating these two periods allows her to express her own personal point of view.