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Artemisia Gentileschi | 1593-1652

Artemisia Gentileschi was a artist in Renaissance times. She was born on July 8th 1593, in Rome, Italy. Her father, Orazio Gentileschi, had three children Artemisia and her two brothers. Her father was a Tuscan painter, he introduced her to painting. Artemisia was not allowed to go to an all male art school so her father got her a provate tutor, his name was Agostino Tassi. Artemisia created a painting of a young woman being raped by two elders, this painting was named "Susanna". Shortly after the painting was finished Artemisia was raped by her tutor Agostino Tassi. Tassi had attempted to steal paintings from Orazio. Tassi was scentenced to jail for one year but he never went. This influenced Artemisia's strong feminist view. It was arrange for Artemisia to marry Pierantonio Stiattesi to restore honour. Pierantonio was a moddest artist from Florence. Soon after the wedding they moved to Florence, in Florence Artemisia was given a chance to paint a painting at the Casa Buonarroti. She became a very sucessful court painter, she got the patronage of the Medici family and Charles I. In Fluorence Aretemisia had five children, four sons and on daughter. Only the daughter lived to adulthood. Artemisia returned to Rome. She now had two daughters, one from Pierantonio but the other ones father is not known. She tried to teach her daughters to paint but she had not much success. Artemisia moved to Naples, at the time the city was rich with workshops and art lovers. Artemisia stayed there for the rest of the time that she continued to paint. She then met her father in London, he died there. Artemisia had commissionsto fulfil after his death. She left England just as the civil war began. She went back to Naples and was expected to have died in 1656 when the plague had killed almost an entire generation of Neapolitan artists.